Richard Nant / Alan Plachta: Un Viaje

Richard Nant / Alan Plachta: Un Viaje

Things are happening right now in Argentina. There is a jazz scene that just seems to keep on growing and growing. Fortunately, international collaboration has also started to happen and Argentinian musicians are travelling around the world to share their special take on the jazz tradition. For instance, cutting edge pianist Paula Shocron has recently been to New York.

Another musician that is familiar with the city is guitarist Alan Plachta. In fact, his sextet with pianist Luis Perdomo, bassist Matt Pavolka, drummer Satoshi Takeishi, saxophonist Sam Sadigursky and trumpeter Richard Nant was formed in New York. Together they have released the album Un viaje, with Plachta and Nant formally billed as the leaders.

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agosto 18th, 2016

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